location: Lugano – Paradiso, Switzerland
built-up area: 740 sqm
date: Final Design waiting for building permit

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Pier Luca Carubia
project architect: Davide Carone

Viaducts are engineering works characterized by a succession of several spans, with both arched and trussed structures, by means of which an ordinary or railroad road is able to overcome territorial obstacles.

With admirable creativity and technical mastery, the world of the ancient Romans was the first to adopt the construction system of the arch, declining it and using it as an element that marks the structures of the ” engineering genius” able to travel great distances, giving shape to the aqueducts as the first viaducts still admirable today. The design idea fulfills a particular and precise request of the client, that is to have a building that in its appearance has the appeal of a classic element.

Hence the relationship between the client’s requests and the location, which gives rise to the meta-design concept that takes up the assumption and the particular proximity to the route of the viaduct of the Funicular of S. Salvatore.

The archetypal element of the arch, historically used in the construction of the viaducts, is thus reinterpreted in a contemporary key in the structure and formal aspect of the architectural intervention.