location: Pambio, Lugano, Svizzera
built-up area: 4’400 sqm
date: 2017 – 2021

architect: Mino Caggiula
project manager: Pier Luca Carubia
executive architect: Fabio Fiore
team: Luca Zingaro, Alberto Cuneo

The project settles on the plot like a line; an action that is designed to confer identity to an ill-defined transit area. The urban fabric gains added value thanks to the creation of a boundary between the residential area north and the craft production area south. The integration of the architectural object into the peculiar conformation of the land produces a relationship between the empty space and the built space; all of the areas thus created have qualities intended to excellently integrate the architecture with the urban situation upstream and downstream. The final image is a well-integrated housing complex that solves the urban issues encountered.

The land is uneven, and partly steep; its conformation and the differences in height have allowed to shape the building so that the whole volume would be integrated with the territorial and environmental context.

The project is characterised by a strong predominance of green areas, which were designed with great attention as they are key elements of the project concept. Moreover, also the large parkland/recreational area located in front of the building plays an important role within the planning: it will mitigate the perception of the new construction and reduce especially the visual impact of the underlying craft production area.

The project takes a flexible, dynamic shape by developing like a softly-shaped volume.

The geometry designed this way is suitable for the partition of private and shared spaces, from both a functional and architectural standpoint. The shape also allows – by means of some technical solutions – for better protection from the highway noise and to guarantee instead an optimal shielding for the residences north as for the south view of the craft production area.